About the company

About the company

"Tegeta Green Planet“ is a company affiliated with Tegeta Holding, the main activity of which is promoting the proper management of various wastes.

"Tegeta Green Planet“ is responsible for implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility, which includes producer and importer responsibility for their products placed on the market, including the next phase of consumption of the placed products, as well as throughout the life cycle of these products. 

In 2022, “Tegeta Green Planet” was authorized to organize Extended Producer Responsibility for 6 years in the following areas:

  • Implementation of a collective waste battery compliance scheme;
  • Implementation of a collective waste oil compliance scheme;
  • Implementation of a collective compliance scheme for waste tyres.

 Some of the products mentioned above, after their initial use, turn into specific waste, the disposal of which is very important both for the environment and for human health. Therefore, as part of the Holding's corporate responsibility, it was decided to set up an organization to make the public aware of the problems caused by specific waste and to help prevent this hazard.

The main value of “Tegeta Green Planet”, established with the said mission, is to increase social responsibility that will eventually help to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.