CSR as a business model and three awards last year - Tegeta Holding evaluates CSR activities in 2023

CSR as a business model and three awards last year - Tegeta Holding evaluates CSR activities in 2023

„Tegeta Holding“ is the first large company in Georgia to develop a corporate sustainability strategy in accordance with international standards and consistently follows it. The company submitted the document last year and planned and implemented CSR activities for 2023 in accordance with the strategy. Employee well-being, environmental responsibility, safety, and concern for society - the company says that the main directions of sustainable development have been identified in accordance with the vision of the holding.

Tatia Khorbaladze, head of the strategic communications department of „Tegeta Holding“: “From the point of view of corporate social responsibility, last year was especially important for „Tegeta Holding“ - we attached to our goals - caring for the well-being of employees and society - a single systemic view, and united them within the framework of CSR strategy, which, in turn, is integrated with the company's mission. The document defines the holding's vision, general policy, long-term goals, and directions of action in all main areas of sustainable development. This means that our decisions are not spontaneous, but consistent and follow the assigned tasks.

We consider the awards received by the company in strategic areas last year as a mutual result. In the “Meliora” responsible business competition, “Tegeta Holding” stood out among 60 companies and won in the Green Initiative category. “Tegeta Holding” received two awards out of six nominations at the competition organized by the Georgian network of the UN Global Compact - “Tegeta for the Environment” and “Tegeta for Social Enterprises”. In all three cases, the decision was made by an international jury.”

The distinctive directions of the holding's CSR strategy are caring for employees and caring for society in the form of Tegeta Care, which unites charitable or public organizations working in different directions. The holding is also working on a policy to create a family-friendly environment and will implement it this year. Along with this, the component of promoting and empowering women is very important.

The company's approach to environmental responsibility is comprehensive. Energy-efficient buildings, saving resources through the generation of renewable energy, developing the segment of environmentally friendly transport and creating the appropriate infrastructure, as well as managing specific waste, which the holding carries out with the help of its subsidiary “Tegeta Green Planet”. Last year, at 45 collection points across the country, the organization accepted and transferred up to 800 tons of used oil, up to 1,200 tons of batteries, and up to 2,900 tons of tires to the appropriate licensed recycling facilities. The Tegeta CSR manager says that in addition to the obligations assumed by law, the “Green Planet” company implemented a number of projects to raise awareness, and carried out cleaning campaigns, including tidying up and removal of thrown used tires from the territory near Tbilisi bypass road. Despite the large volume of waste, the process was completed in just 3 days.

Safety is also part of “Tegeta Holding”’s long-term vision: reliable and high-quality automotive products, service, and a safe workspace, taking into account both equipment and occupational safety standards.

On the other hand, the holding annually takes part in and plans campaigns related to road safety, which, along with raising awareness, serves to change the behavior of citizens.

“Tegeta Holding” has been a member of the pro bono network since 2022 and is actively involved in the implementation of corporate volunteering. Corporate volunteering is a form of concern for the welfare of society, which involves strengthening the activities of others by sharing the knowledge and experience of company employees.

Tatia Khorbaladze, Head of Strategic Communications at “Tegeta Holding”: “We believe that in the modern world, CSR is the best way to manage a business ethically, and at the same time achieve beneficial changes for the environment and society. We believe these efforts will positively impact our relationships with employees, customers, and investors."

“Tegeta Holding”'s CSR strategy covers the period until 2030. The company states that the systematization of set goals, combining them into one document, and their implementation is a business process that the holding implements in accordance with the strategic action plan.

About “Tegeta Holding”: the largest automotive company in the Caucasus and Central Asia offers consumers a full range of automotive ecosystem, which includes passenger, cargo, and construction, as well as commercial, passenger, and industrial transport. “Tegeta” has 28 service centers throughout the country, and the holding carries out international trade on four continents. “Tegeta” exclusively represents famous brands: Porsche, Volvo, Toyota, and Mazda. The holding's partners in the area of trucks and special equipment are such large brands as MAN, JCB, HINO, Liebherr, BOMAG, and others. “Tegeta” is the largest importer of more than 300 of the world's leading automobile brands to Georgia. “Tegeta Holding”, which employs about 3,000 people, is today one of the largest employers in Georgia.