Cleaning day

Cleaning day

The employees of “Tegeta Holding” and its subsidiaries took care of cleaning one of the largest natural green areas in Tbilisi - Digomi Flood Plain. The action was supported by “Polivim”, Ar Minda Parki (I Don't Want a Plastic Bag) and the Environmental Museum of Digomi Flood Plain. Representatives of the organisations informed the employees of “Tegeta Holding” about the rules on waste management and recycling. The waste in Digomi Flood Plain was collected according to these rules.

Natika Berdzuli, Head of Strategic Communications of “Tegeta Holding”: "Taking care of the environment is one of the important areas of “Tegeta Holding's” corporate social responsibility. Overcoming the problem of waste is the biggest challenge of the modern world, and taking care of the environment is everyone's duty. We are proud that our big team also joined millions of volunteers around the world and made our small contribution to cleaning up one of the biggest green spaces in Tbilisi".

Dozens of used tyres were collected separately. Representatives of “Tegeta Green Planet”, subsidiary of the holding company, used special vehicles to remove the discarded tyres from the surrounding area.

The waste collected by the employees of “Tegeta Holding” in Digomi Flood Plain was handed over to partner organisations for recycling.